December  2017

Prof. Heinrich Wansing gave an interview to the 3:AM Magazine, see

Prof. João Marcos, Dr Paolo Maffezioli, Dr Sergey Drobychevich, and Prof. Heinrich Wansing (right to left) gave an interview to RUB news, see
From 15th-16th December 2017, the workshop Doxastic Agency and Epistemic Logic took place  in the Beckmann's Hof at the Ruhr-University Bochum. The speakers were:

  • Sergei Artemov (CUNY)
  • Christopher Badura (Ruhr University Bochum)
  • Philippe Balbiani (Université Paul Sabatier IRIT)
  • Francesco Berto (ILLC, University of Amsterdam)
  • Jan Broersen (University of Utrecht)
  • Roberto Ciuni (University of Padova)
  • Melvin Fitting (CUNY)
  • Emiliano Lorini (Université Paul Sabatier IRIT, LILaC team)
  • Paolo Maffezioli (Ruhr University Bochum)
  • Sara Negri (University of Helsinki)
  • Grigory Olkhovikov (Ruhr University Bochum)
  • François Schwarzentruber (École normale supérieure de Rennes)
  • Heinrich Wansing (Ruhr University Bochum)


The Studia Logica Special Issue: 40 years of FDE, volume 105, Issue 6, December 2017 appeared, guest editors Hitoshi Omori and Heinrich Wansing.

From December 3 - 17, Prof. Yaroslav Shramko (Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine), visited RUB with a travel grant from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. On December 14, he gave a talk titled "Generalized Consequence Systems" in the research colloquium on Logic and Epistemology. Other guest lectures in the colloquium included talks by Prof. Catarina Dutilh-Novaes (Groningen), December 8, " A dialogical approach to structural rules", and Prof. Carlos Caleiro (Lisbon), December 1, "Semantics for combined Hilbert calculi".

November  2017

Prof. Heinrich Wansing gave a talk on connexive conditional logic at a Research Workshop on Hybrid Intensional Logic, University of Salamanca (Spain), 10-11 November, 2017.

On November 23, Maciej Kleczek (Bielefeld) gave a talk titled "Compositionality of Ordinary First-Order Languages Revisited" in the research colloquium on Logic and Epistemology.

October  2017

On October 26, Dr Michel Marti (Bern) presented a talk titled "Intuitionistic justification logic" in the research colloquium on Logic and Epistemology. 

A delegation of logicians from Bochum visited the group of Professor Peter Schroeder-Heister in Tübingen for a

Workshop Logik, Sprachtheorie und Erkenntnistheorie

Tuesday, 24 October 2017, 15h30-20h, Department of Computer Science, Room 104, Sand 1:

  • Thomas Piecha (Tübingen): Intuitionistic logic is not complete for standard proof-theoretic semantics
  • Luca Tranchini (Tübingen): Yet another computational interpretation of classical logic
  • Paolo Maffezioli (Bochum): Intuitionistic​ ​extensional​ ​mereology
  • Grigory​ ​Olkhovikov (Bochum): Justification​ ​stit​ ​logics:​ ​a​ ​survey​ ​of​ ​results

Wednesday, 25 October 2017, 10-16h, Forum Scientiarum, Seminarraum 1.3, Doblerstraße 33:

  • Michael Arndt (Tübingen): Tomographs for Substructural Display Logic
  • Sergey​ ​Drobyshevich (Bochum): A​ ​Hilbert-style​ ​calculus​ ​that​ ​takes​ ​falsification​ seriously
  • Joao Marcos (Bochum): The mystery of duality unraveled: dualizing rules, operators, and logics
  • Daniel​ ​Skurt (Bochum): More modal semantics without possible worlds

September  2017

Prof. Heinrich Wansing joined the program committee of the 9th Non-Classical Logic.  Theory and Applications conference in Toruń, Poland, 2018.

Prof. Heinrich Wansing gave talks at The Third Workshop on Connexive Logic (Kyoto), the Kyoto Nonclassical Logic Workshop III, and at LORI VI (Sapporo).

Christopber Badura attended the 1st Urbino Summer School in Epistemology, and gave a talk on "Imagining Negative Existentials" at the Salzburg Conference for Young Analytic Philosophy 2017.

Dr Paolo Maffezioliu took up his Humboldt Fellowship. Welcome to Bochum, Paolo!

Paolo Maffezioli

August  2017

On August 26, our colleague and friend Carolina Blasio da Silva died in a fatal car accident in Campinas, Brazil, only one day after successfully defending her PhD thesis Sobre Noções de Consequência Generalizadas e Lógicas Plurivalentes. We feel deeply sad and offer our sincere condolences to Carolina's husband, Prof. João Marcos, and to Carolina and João's daughter Maia. We will always remember Carolina as as an extremely friendly person, dedicated researcher, and as Maia's caring mother.


July  2017

On July 25, Daniel Skurt very successfully defended his PhD thesis New Perspectives on Some Non-Classical Logical Systems. The reviewers were Prof. Graham Priest (City University of New York) and Prof. Heinrich Wansing. Congratulations Daniel!

Prof. Walter Carnielli (Campinas,Brazil) took up his Humboldt grant to visit Prof. Heinrich Wansing and RUB for two moths.Welcome to Bochum, Walter!

On June 20, the following guest lectures were given in the research colloqium on Logic and Epistemology:

  • Dr Juliana Bueno-Soler (Campinas),  “Popper' s Conditional Probability, Negation and Consistency”
  • Prof. Walter Carnielli (Campinas), “Rolling strange dice: probability and logic coexisting in non-classical realms”

The 3rd Leipzig-Bochum Compact Seminar in logic took palce from July 6-9 at the University of Leipzig, see The topic was Extensions of First-Order Logic.

June  2017

In June, there were several gues lectues in the research colloqium on Logic and Epistemology:

  • June 13, Szymon Chlebowski (Poznan) “Refutability Properties, Erotetic Calculi, and Duality”
  • June 20, Workshop with guests from Delft
  1. Dr Alessandra Palmigiano, “Linear logic properly displayed"
  2. Dr Giuseppe Greco, “Modular proof theory for axiomatic extensions and expansions of lattice logic“
  3. Fey Liang, “A multi-type proper display calculus for bilattice logic”
  • June 29. Prof. Piotr Łukowski (Łodz), “Distributive or collective approach to sentences”

Dr Grigory Olkhovikov gave a talk on "Proving as a Form of Doxastic Agency and Its Representation in Justification Stit Logic" at  Logica 2017.

May 2017

From May 10 -30, Joan Casas-Roma, PhD Student of the “Information and Knowledge Society” Doctoral Programme at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain, visited RUB and Prof. Heinrich Wansing. On May 18, he gave a talk on "The Logic of Pretended Scenarios: Imagining as a Dynamic Act" in the research colloquium on Logic and Epistemology.

From 2nd - 4th May, the PhD students in logic at RUB hostest PhDs in Logic IX. The following speakers gave tutorials:

  •     Petr Cintula (Czech Academy of Sciences): A Gentle Introduction to Abstract Algebraic Logic
  •     María Manzano (University of Salamanca): Leon Henkin on Completeness; Identity, Equality, Nameability and Completeness
  •     João Marcos (Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte): Classic-like Analytic Tableaux for Non-Classical Logics
  •     Gabriella Pigozzi (University Paris-Dauphine): The logic of group decision: An introduction to judgment aggregation
  •     Christian Straßer (Ruhr-University Bochum): Nonmonotonic logic
  •     Heinrich Wansing (Ruhr-University Bochum): Bi-Connexive Variants of Heyting-Brouwer Logic

April 2017

Prof. Heinrich Wansing gave an invited talk on "Ruling in and ruling out: some remarks on negation and falsification" at the workshop Negation and Negativitiy in Natural Language. Several friends and colleagues also presented papers at that workshop, including João Marcos, Hitoshi Omori, Michael De, Luca Tranchini, and Laurence Horn.

March  2017

Christopher Badura gave a talk on "Can we imagine tout court-absences of kinds or particulars?" at the Workshop on the role of imagination in epistemology, Antwerp, March 16.

Prof. João Marcos (UFRN, Brazil), received his Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel-Award at the 45th Symposium for Research Award Winners of the Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation, Bamberg, March 23-26, 2017.


Dr Paolo Maffezioli received a Humboldt Research Fellowship for Postdoctoral Researchers from the Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation to co-operate with Prof. H. Wansing and colleagues in Bochum for two years. Congratulations, Paolo!

February  2017

Dr Sergey A. Drobyshevich (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk) took up his Humboldt Research Fellowship. Welcome to Bochum, Sergey!

January  2017

Prof. H. Wansing joined the program committee of